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Driven by love to travel on his motorbike and food, Peter J Salzano is an eminent food connoisseur and blogger. He has always been inspired by the art of cooking. He loves to share his ideas with food lovers and to hear from them.

Peter Quotes, “Cooking is an art of what your hands produce, executing an imagination created in the mind.” Good food needs to be shared and talked about is the maestro’s famous aphorism. This website is a step to the fulfillment of that saying.

Keeping in mind the need to eat fresh he makes sure that his diet is full of proteins and vital nutrients.

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He is a culinary mastermind, who loves to make fusion food and is always ready to mix the ingredients together and come up with something wonderful. He strongly believes that food is something which plays a significant role in bringing the people of various cultures together. His blogs  motivate the youth to eat healthy and nutritious food.

Peter wants to connect with society and strives to pass on his culinary skills with the next generation  through his blog. Knowing that food can cure various health issues, he tries different combinations of food for their additional nutritive value.

Peter J Salzano| Food Connoisseur

Peter loves to experiment with food and his blogs are full of the latest recipes that make you feel hungry instantly.

Readers will be able to explore highly credible and exclusive information on varied topics such as cuisines, drinks, appetizers, cooking practices, and even some modern and essential table manners.

Through his blog section, he guides what type of food should be consumed in order to stay healthy. According to him, besides the more familiar purpose of offering energy to the body, food has a stimulating effect on the mind and senses.

Learn how to accomplish both of those purposes from the expert here.


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