Peter J Salzano: How to Taste Wine Like a Connoisseur of Wine

You will find wine lovers all across the globe, but only a few will know the difference between the taste of wine as per brands and flavor. Taking wine is never difficult. All you need to use is all your basic senses and expand from there as a connoisseur of wine, says Peter Salzano an eminent food connoisseur.

You all must be aware of the fact that our tasting abilities are limited to bitter, sour, sweet, and salty but the smelling power of a human has no such limitation. Peter says that tasting wine needs a good combination of both taste and smell that allows you to determine a certain flavor.

Here are some tips shared by Peter J Salzano on “How to Taste Wine like a Connoisseur of wine:”

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First is the look factor

When you have to judge wine take note of the wine’s opacity, color, and viscosity. Asa hint, remember that an aged wine will become more yellow or brownish, while in the case of red wines they are more translucent.  In case you notice some high density of droplets on the sides of your wine glass when you pour the wine, it means there is more alcohol content in the wine. On the other hand, if the droplets flow slowly down to the sides, it means that the wine is sweeter.

Second is the smell element

As explained before humans have a decent smelling power that makes it easy for you to judge food and drinks. The aroma of the wine will help you identify what kind of wine is in the glass. Mostly the stereoisomer, the alcohol evaporates from the wine that your nose captures first. If you smell any type of vanilla scent from the wine, it is because the wine in your hand is aged in oka.

Whereas in the case of wine tasting there are three kinds of aroma:

  • Primary Aroma for identifying grape variety and climate
  • Secondary Aroma with respect to the fermentation process of wine
  • Tertiary Aroma that is used to identify whether the wine is aged in oak or bottle.

The last element is Taste

As informed before that the tasting ability of a person is restricted to bitter, sour, sweet, and salty. So if you want to sense the sweetness in the wine using the front of your tongue to sense sweetness, in case the wine tastes some dryness in the wine then it means little sugar is added in the wine.

Peter J Salzano| Food Connoisseur

Whereas wine with high acidity usually indicates the use of a cooler climate region. In the case of red wine, the oak tannins will often taste smoother, and grape tannins will taste more green and abrasive.

These are the three main ways shared by Peter Salzano that will help you taste wine like a  connoisseur of wine. For the ones who love wine, should try these ways to identify the type of wine you are drinking.

Peter J Salzano: How to Taste Wine Like a Connoisseur of Wine
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