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Peter J Salzano is a food connoisseur who completed his learnings from the culinary institute. Growing up in Florida, in his college years he has acquired an unmistakable taste for good food.

From his college years, he has loved traveling on his motorbike and tasting different food associated with different places. He has always been drawn to healthy food and through his blog section, he shares his knowledge of food with food lovers.

After completing his culinary studies, he knew he finally has all the resources to pursue a career as a food connoisseur. He rolled the dice and couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

Peter Salzano’s first restaurant was a hit among locals and he now owns 10 mega restaurants in 6 different cities across the US.

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With frequent guest to various food-based TV shows, Peter guides you with different food places recommendations. His passion for food and healthy eating urged him to start his blog. Peter Quotes, “My main motive behind starting this blog is to help & inspire newbie food bloggers and food enthusiasts to make a mark in the food industry”

Focusing on the diseases people often get due to lack of nutritive food, he wants to make sure people discover the nutritive value in different food items. With the knowledge of food, he believes people can decide their routine diet better to stay healthy. Follow him to know more about health and food.

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