Peter Salzano – The Best Food and Wine Southeast Festivals

Explore the variety of food and wine at the amazing festivals organized globally. Food and wine are the best combinations, with millions of lovers that leave no chance to try out the variety, says Peter J Salzano, a famous food connoisseur. Whereas the food festival is a perfect choice to explore, try, and know about […]

Peter J Salzano: How to Taste Wine Like a Connoisseur of Wine

You will find wine lovers all across the globe, but only a few will know the difference between the taste of wine as per brands and flavor. Taking wine is never difficult. All you need to use is all your basic senses and expand from there as a connoisseur of wine, says Peter Salzano an […]

3 Broccoli Recipes for Quick Sunday Brunch by Peter J Salzano

Peter J Salzano, the famous food connoisseur, loves to make healthy and scrumptious brunch on Sundays. He has come up with some great recipes to make your Sunday perfect. Peter says, “Broccoli is one vegetable that requires fewer efforts and yet can make a delicious meal.” There are many people that dislike broccoli and that’s […]

3 Must-Try Healthy Food Combinations By Peter J Salzano

There are many food combinations that go perfectly well with each other. Not only do these food combinations taste well when consumed together, but they are packed with wholesome nutrients and are a complete blessing for your health. Pater J Salzano, an eminent food connoisseur, and food blogger says that including green leafy vegetables and […]

Health Benefits Attached With Eating Salads By Peter J Salzano

Salads are one of the easiest-to-prepare delicacies that can be assembled using minimum ingredients and pack a punch of nutrition and flavor. Peter J Salzano, a food Connoisseur suggests consuming a plate full of green vegetables and legumes to strengthen the immune system and keep your health on track.  In fact, when dining out and […]

How to Make Your Breakfast Healthy & Tasty – Peter Salzano

You must have heard of an old saying that goes like, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” that very well gives an idea of the importance of breakfast. Peter Salzano emphasizes on the importance of eating a hearty and healthy breakfast. He considers it the most important […]

Peter Salzano Talks about the Importance of a Healthy & Balanced Diet

“Health, happiness, and friends are the three most important things in life. If you have them, you can consider yourself luckier than most people in this world,” says an amazing motorbike rider and food lover, Peter Salzano. He has been exploring various cuisines and foods from all over the world and has come to believe […]

Food Safety and Steps to Ensure It – Peter J Salzano

According to Peter J Salzano a food connoisseur and remarkable blogger, “Food safety is one of the most common concerns of people and the government”.  According to him, food safety is important as it concerns with storage of the food and the right way to prepare food to avoid the diseases or illness. There are […]

Peter J Salzano: Menu Ideas for this Christmas Season

There are many great things about the holidays, one of them is food’ says Peter J Salzano an exceptional blogger and food lover. Christmas is all about presents, cozy weather, and food. There is no need to panic this year on what to make for your guests this year. Following are few best menu ideas […]

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